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“Queer Eye” Antoni Inspired Avocado-Stuffed Pierogies

For many LGBTQ+ folks, the Netflix revival of Queer Eye has been momentous. Five confident, queer people helping their fellow men through the trails and tribulations of life. For years, we’ve had representation in pop culture through a very narrow lens: the fashion commentary on the red carpet. On Queer Eye, we’re chefs, stylists, life […]

How to Create A Colourful Instagram Feed (and why you should!)

HELLO WORLD. I’ve always been a very colourful person, both figuratively and literally. I was that drama kid in high school who wore the brightest colours, skinniest jeans, and most florescent shoes (and I slayed all of them!). It’s weird to look back at your younger self and realize how similar you still are. While I […]

Why Instagram “pods” are a waste of everyone’s time

Last week, I published a blog titled “Why it’s important to talk about fake social media followers…” –  and a lot of you really enjoyed my insight into the topic, being a recent grad in Communication Studies. I thought I’d write about a similar issue that’s been a hot topic on Instagram over the last year: […]

Why it’s important to talk about fake social media followers

We need to have a chat about fake followers, and why they’ve been a negative addition to a positive social media landscape. While fake followers aren’t anything new, there’s recently been a flurry of conversations around it, as reported by the New York Times and the BBC. Super briefly, here’s an explanation of the different ways people […]