My Boyfriend Made Me Leave the Apartment

OKAY! Maybe a little bit of a clickbait title… no, I wasn’t kicked out of my apartment. I was told to leave, a couple times a week. Let me explain.

Since graduating university, I’ve been forced to adjust to a non-student lifestyle. When I was a student, I would avidly visit campus to get work done (or just watch YouTube videos), because there’s nothing worse than spending too much time at home. It always worked quite well for my lifestyle, because I lived close to campus! Now that I’ve graduated university and “work for myself”… that’s not the case anymore.

I found myself looking at my apartment as my office, which is an easy slope to slip into when you work from home. Suddenly, the light household mess became more of an issue – when my apartment was messy, so was my office. When my boyfriend played music or took a FaceTime call, my office was noisy. When my dog was too energetic, my office was a distraction.

Unfortunately for me, rent is quite high in Toronto – so purchasing office space was not an option. SO – last week, I packed my bag (by the advice of my partner) and headed to Starbucks for the afternoon. Decent coffee & free WiFi, what more could a boy need?!

I didn’t expect to go through a revelation, trust me. It’s literally just Starbucks. However, I realized that I was being selfish. For weeks I was expecting my partner to change the way he was going about his day-to-day life, simply because I labelled the apartment as my office. I found that leaving the apartment to work externally a few times a week really helped my sanity (and my partner’s!).

If I arrived home to a slightly messy apartment, it didn’t affect me! I realized that I needed a tidy workspace, not a strictly clean living space.

Moral of the story – sometimes, it’s not other people that need to change, it’s you. While that can be a bit of a kick to our ego, it’s a lesson that a lot of us need to hear and understand.

In 2018, I’d like to work on admitting when I’m wrong more often. What’s one thing you’re looking to do in 2018? Let me know in the comments of this post!


6 thoughts on “My Boyfriend Made Me Leave the Apartment

  1. 2018? Travel. A trip, maybe two, to the west coast. Fly up to Toronto four or five times. The benefits of a periodic change of venue are significant; you look forward to getting away and look forward to coming home. (From the person who admired your ‘helium skills’ at Bufferfest.)

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  2. Money management! I need to get my finances under control because I have a amazing boyfriend but he is much better at managing his money and I’m afraid I will lose him if I don’t get my act together. So that is my resolve for 2018!!


  3. Je ne sais que dire while reading your story comment life journey as being selfish about wht you IN . As a Blogs person about food, lifestyle , boys , travel well it’s all about finding that little thing to bright your way to self succeed to make US indulge the journey to self ask this question , Why Not ? wht to Try it ? as you are in the movement of learning about your self your relationship your messy office / apt but a way to cope and learn about your self after UNIVERSITY life. Bon Courage in 2018 !


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