The ONLY Breakfast Recipe You’ll Need!

Earlier this year, I was unsatisfied with my fitness and diet. I let myself get lazy, skip the gym, and consume a considerable amount of junk food. When you start to develop bad habits, it can sometimes feel near impossible to get out of them. However, I found that changing my breakfast routine made the biggest impact on improving my diet & fitness regimen. When I started my day with a hearty (and delicious) breakfast, I was more focused & motivated to continue doing healthy things throughout the day!

In this blog post, I want to share my go-to, easy-to-make, delicious, and fool-proof Overnight Oats recipe! Overnight oats have been a sensation for the past couple years, and there are countless recipes online – my recipe just so happens to be the best one… just saying!!


So, what are overnight oats? Essentially, overnight oats consist of quick oats + milk (or non-dairy milk) + flavour, left overnight in the fridge. When you go to eat it in the morning, the oats have softened, and you’re left with a tasty, pudding-like breakfast! It’s great, trust me. AND – since the main ingredient is oats, you’ll stay full for hours. I usually eat breakfast around 10am, and I don’t feel the need to eat lunch until 2pm or so!

What makes my recipe different? Well a few things. Let’s look into the ingredients…


Dry Ingredients

In a mason jar, mix together 3/4 cup of instant oats1 scoop of your favourite protein powderand 1/2 tsp of cinnamon. In regards to the protein power, I use cookies & cream flavour, which is the BEST! I get it from Costco, so there’s a good chance that the one I use is accessible to you. As an alternative, I would use vanilla or cake-batter protein powder, both very popular.

When I’ve added the dry ingredients to my jar, I close the lid and give it a quick shake, to ensure that there’s no clumps in the protein powder.


Wet Ingredients

The two wet ingredients you’ll need are 1/2 cup of vanilla almond milk, and 1/2 cup of coffee. The coffee is truly the star ingredient in my overnight oats! They give the oats a mocha flavour, and it tastes like you’re having a dessert for breakfast – except you’re not, you’re actually eating really healthy.


I’d recommend mixing the ingredients with a spoon inside the jar, then close up the lid and give it one last shake. Pop that bad-boy in the fridge for at least 8 hours, and you’ve got yourself a delicious breakfast! The oats keep you full for hours, the coffee gives you a morning boost, and the protein powder lifts your metabolism. Healthy and delicious!

PROMISE that you will love this recipe. I mean, I have it for breakfast 5 out of 7 mornings a week. Since you can make this recipe in a mason jar, it’s easy to pop into your bag & take to school or work.

If you make this recipe, make sure to snap a picture & tag me on social media! Happy breakfast-ing!



13 thoughts on “The ONLY Breakfast Recipe You’ll Need!

  1. Michael, what would you suggest if you don’t like coffee? I have never really developed a taste for coffee so that ingredient does nothing for me.


    PS – glad to see someone else who talks with their hands…. my mom came from Italian decent so your last video about carbs and eating too much hits rrally close to home! CIAO


  2. Can’t wait to try this recipe! It sounds delicious. Question though…for the coffee, do you brew it first and add in the liquid, or just mix in the dry coffee grounds?


  3. Do you recomend adding the protein powder for people who dont work out ? I dont gym at all and am worried about the extra protein making me gain uncessarily .


    1. Even half a scoop of protein powder is great! It adds flavour, and gives you an extra boost of protein. Protein powder, like whey protein, doesn’t just help with muscle repair, it also boosts your metabolism. But feel free to leave it out! 🙂


  4. Hi! Just wondering if you make this every night for the next morning? Or how long do you think in advance I could make it? E.g. could I make 5 jars on Sunday night to get me through the work week? Would it separate/go bad or the oats get too mushy?


    1. I make it the night before! I’ll usually make it for the net 2 days (so 2 bowls). If you make it in advance for the next 3 or 4 days, it’ll be a bit mushy, wouldn’t recommend.


  5. This looks like a great recipe. I’m excited to try it! Just wondering about the instant oats though. I can’t seem to find any instant oats anywhere. Does it matter the type of oats I use or can I use something else, like quick oats instead?


  6. This looks like just the thing I need to start eating better breakfasts. Can’t wait to try it. Quick question though, for the protein powder, is there a brand you recommend? There are so many brands that it’s hard to pick between them.


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