My Winter Skincare Review

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of YouTube comments or social media messages regarding my skincare routine. Currently, I’ve been using Cetaphil to cleanse, and a facial oil by Peoni to deeply moisturize. Throughout the summer and fall, it’s worked very well for my skin. However, I’ve been looking to change up my skincare routine for the colder months, and find products that help with chapped, red skin.

If your a guy looking to find a new skincare routine, it’s important to know that there’s a difference between men’s & women’s skin. Compared to women’s skin, men’s skin is about 25% thicker, the texture is rougher, and can be oilier due to increased sweat.

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Origins Canada offered to gift me some of their skincare products from their new Mega-Mushroom line! I’ve never tried Origins skincare products before, so this is going to be my first impressions review of their new line. Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored, nor do I have an obligation to write it. I’m simply reviewing products that were gifted to me, so that you might find a product that works for your skin!


The key ingredient in their new line are Reishi Mushrooms. Origins Canada says that their key ingredient will help “calm sensitivity, irritation, and reduce visible redness.” So let’s put their words to the test!

Product #1: Mega-Mushroom CleanserIMG_0327

My first impressions? I’ve been through a number of cleansers in my life, but I’ve never tried one that didn’t require a thorough facial wash afterwards. Most of my cleaners require circular massaging motions to work the product into my pores. Interestingly, the Origins Mega-Mushroom Cleanser asks that you saturate a cotton pad with the product, and brush the face clean – no wash required!

The product itself is very light on the face, and doesn’t irritate my skin – which is a HUGE plus! Like I mentioned, the winter months usually leave my skin feeling chapped and red; I felt like the product was able to clean my face without being too harsh on my sensitivity.

It is a great product for men’s skin? Absolutely! I really liked that the product is a micellar cleanser, which means that it has tiny oil-fighting molecules that are attracted to dirt. If you’re fussy with your skincare routine and want something quick, effective, and doesn’t dry out your skin, this is an ideal product for you.

Product #2: Mega-Mushroom Face MaskIMG_0331

If you know me, then you’ll know that I love face masks because they help elevate my getting-ready routine. Especially when I have an important event to go to, applying a face mask helps me get brighter and cleaner skin, instantly. However, not all face masks are right for your skin, especially if you have sensitivity like me!

My first impressions? The product is perfect for reddish skin! That’s its star power. If you’re someone looking for a product that will not only reduce, but remove redness from your skin, this is it!

The product is all function, though! So it doesn’t have a satisfyingly matte application to the face, nor does it dry and give your skin a super tight feeling. You kind of just have to trust that it’s working. After having the face mask on for 10 minutes, the product mainly appeared translucent, rather than opaque. Bottom line – buy this product if you have unwanted red tones on your face, not if you want to have a relaxing face mask night (yes, I have those nights).

Product #3: Mega-Mushroom Soothing Treatment LotionIMG_0329

My first impressions? It’s essentially a really good toner. I use it right after I cleanse my face, and I noticed that it calmed my skin quite a bit! It’s supposed to create a defensive barrier to sustain moisture on your face, so it’s a perfect product for the cold winter months. Whenever you step outside and experience the sharp cold wind on your face, your skin disperses oil to keep moisturized – with this product, your skin is able to hold onto its essential oils.

Definitely a great product if you have dry skin! However, make sure to apply a good quality moisturizer after using a product like this. Speaking of which…

Product #4: Mega-Mushroom Face CreamIMG_2093

My first impressions? I’m not too fussy with my moisterizer. I have two main standards: don’t make my face greasy, and be potent. This product did both of those things very well! You don’t need a lot of cream to get a good level of moisture on your face. I usually just dab my finger into the cream and apply the excess! It dries quite quickly and kept my face feeling soft all day.

At this point in my skincare routine, any redness has already been taken care of – but that’s probably because my skin isn’t severely red. If you deal with rosacea or any kind of severe redness to the skin, this moisturizer will further assist to regulate your facial tones.

Closing thought? Overall, I give this skincare line 9/10! Each product retails between $34 – $66, so it’s reasonably affordable. Especially if you’re looking for a skincare line that specifically targets reddish skin, you can’t go wrong with that price point.


One thought on “My Winter Skincare Review

  1. Hey Mike,

    Just as a reader wanted to let you know that in the sentence,

    “If your a guy looking to find a new skincare routine….”
    You have actually used the wrong “your/you’re”.
    You would want “you’re”, because you are.

    Loved the article!


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