Throughout my 8-day adventure through Thailand, I stayed at 4 different hotels / resorts. They were all beautiful and unique in their own way, which is why I wanted to share some additional photos of my hotel experience with you!

Thailand can be quite expensive to fly round-trip, especially for a Canadian like me. However, their accommodations are quite inexpensive, especially for the quality, service, and amenities that you receive in return. SO, here’s my personal review of four different hotels / resorts in Thailand…



During my stay in Chiang Mai, Thailand, my group and I stayed at the 137 Pillars House. It’s located in the heart of Chiang Mai, so you really can’t do much better in regards to location.

While checking into the hotel, we were offered chilled sweet tea and cold facial towels. Especially in August, the temperatures in Thailand are quite humid, so the chilled welcome package was very much appreciated.

  • ROOM SIZE: Perfect for two, feels very intimate
  • BED: Very large, romantic bedposts, solid wood
  • BALCONY: Very large, perfect for relaxing with morning coffee or tea with a loved one
  • VIEW: Covered by trees and branches, gives the room a private feel
  • BATHROOM: *Huge* bathtub, indoor & outdoor shower, private toilet section
  • OVERALL: Incredible!! My only constructive criticism was that the hotel rooms were not very modern (this may not be important for many people, though!)

Bonus point! I had no idea of this prior to checking in, but every room receives a butler service. Now, I’m not a very high maintenance person, so I didn’t see the need for this… until I got back from the Patara Elephant Farm. Upon arriving back to the hotel, my shoes were filthy with dirt and dust. My butler offered to clean my shoes, and return them the following morning before check-out. LET ME TELL YOU: my shoes were *spotless* when my butler returned them. Definitely a nice touch on an already spectacular hotel.



Upon driving a few hours North-East towards Chiang Rai, we arrived at the Anantara Golden Triangle. If you’re looking to visit the Golden Triangle, which is a unique spot where Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos meet, this is the hotel to stay at!

  • ROOM SIZE: Standard, more functional than elegant
  • BED: Standard, with a variety of pillows offered
  • BALCONY: Standard
  • VIEW: Breathtaking, with a clear view of the Golden Triangle
  • BATHROOM: Connected to the main bedroom area, with an *ENORMOUS* bathtub/shower, easily the highlight of the room
  • INFINITY POOL: Quite beautiful, with a view of the Golden Triangle, and attentive service to bring you beverages or food (if desired
  • OVERALL: Great! My only constructive criticism was that the hotel rooms were a bit outdated, and could use some modernizing.



Bangkok Air2Bangkok Air1

While we primarily used a mini-bus to get from location to location, Phuket was a bit too far away to transit by bus. Instead, we used Bangkok Airways! Bangkok Airways is an affordable, boutique Asian airline, that really reminds me of Porter Airlines (those who are Central / East Coast Canadians will get the reference!). They have a premium lounge available to all of their passengers, filled with drinks, snacks, and sandwiches! Nowadays, when it feels like airlines are constantly cutting down on premium perks, Bangkok Airways does it RIGHT.

I’d highly recommend y’all use Bangkok Airways if you’re travelling in Thailand.






Let me introduce you to the pinnacle of elegance in Phuket, Thailand: The Paresa Resort! Perched on the seaside slopes, amid tropical forests, over azure blue waters and a picturesque panorama of the Andaman Sea, Paresa is an oasis of tranquility and unrivalled luxury. A secluded retreat to get away from it all and enjoy an island escape!

  • ROOM SIZE: Large, plenty of space to run around!!
  • BED: Large, and notably the most comfortable bed I slept in during my Thailand trip
  • BALCONY: 10 / 10! A large, wide balcony with a private infinity pool, two reclining chairs, and an outdoor shower oasis
  • VIEW: My view was *slightly* obstructed by a large tree, but I’m really stretching to find something wrong here. The view is breathtaking, with a great view of the ocean.
  • BATHROOM: Easily the largest bathroom of all the hotels, it’s about the same size (if not larger!) than the bedroom. Perfect for couples, there’s two sinks, closets, showers, with a shared toilet and tub!
  • OVERALL: A perfect spot for an oasis getaway in Thailand! My only constructive criticism is that my breakfast took about 20-25min to arrive at their restaurant, with only a few other guests present. Other than that, it was a perfect experience.




Our final hotel during the 8-day Thailand trip was the Banyan Tree Bangkok. With 61 floors, this hotel has everything you could possibly need. While the three previous hotels could be labelled under the luxury category, the Banyan Tree Bangkok was slightly more family-friendly. However, the ambiance, service, and cuisine at the hotel made it feel like the most luxurious family-friendly hotel I’ve ever been too!

  • ROOM SIZE: Larger than standard, but no balcony
  • BED: Large and comfortable! I had no trouble sleeping on the bed.
  • VIEW: While there isn’t a balcony, the views from the room are spectacular. I don’t know if you’ll find a better room view in Bangkok. Towering over the city, the hotel is the second-largest building in Bangkok.
  • SENSES: The Banyan Tree Bangkok is all about sensory pleasure. My room had both an daily incense and essential oils kit, which scent changed from day-to-day. It was a marvellous touch that, in my opinion, elevated the hotel from family-friendly to slightly luxurious.
  • BATHROOM: Cozy, but quite functional. It might be tough for two people to get ready at once, but definitely not a deal-breaker for the hotel.
  • POOL AREA: As hectic as Bangkok can be, the hotel pool area is a quiet oasis where you can swim, sleep, or just sit back under one of the many trees surrounding you.
  • BARS: There are two bars at this hotel, both located on the upper floors.
  • OVERALL: The Banyan Tree Bangkok is THE place to visit if you’re staying in Bangkok. Especially if you’re someone who enjoys taking advantage of every hotel amenity, this hotel has carefully thought out how to offer you as many perks as possible.


If you’re planning to travel to Thailand in 2019, consider these hotels! While I visited some different areas of Thailand, most people visit Bangkok — so with that in mind, I would definitely recommend the Banyan Tree Bangkok. I just wanted to make an extra note that I completely felt at home during my stay, and I know y’all would have an equally pleasant experience.

Happy Travelling! ❤


Disclaimer: My trip to Thailand was covered by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. For more information, please visit: http://gothaibefree.com/

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