April 2019: Juno Awards & Champagne Showers

Happppy (end of) April, cutie pies!

As I’m writing this, the sun is shining in Toronto, and the woes of Canada’s winter blues are almost over (YAAAASS). I’ve been keeping myself busy over the last month, with my attendance at the 2019 Juno Awards, the production of my style inspiration videos, and my constancy at the gym. I’m so excited to share everything that’s been going on in my life over the last 30 days!

The 2019 Juno Awards

For my American & international readers, the Juno Awards are Canada’s biggest music awards (so basically, the Canadian Grammys). It’s always a big night celebrating the best in Canada’s music scene, with notable past attendees such as Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, and Alessia Cara.

I wasn’t planning on attending, but got an invite from my friend, Chris Brunton, a few days before the award show. Chris works closely with Canadian singer, Jann Arden, so I was able to tag along their festivities at the Juno Awards. All in all, I attended the Juno Awards with Chris Brunton, Jann Arden, and actress Zoie Palmer.

Myself, Zoie Palmer, & Chris Brunton.
aaaaand we found the hors d’oeuvres!

As someone who’s hosted red carpet segments (& hopes to do more in 2019!), it was a dream come true to attend the Juno Awards. I wasn’t necessarily excited to see the attendees, but I think that’s due to the fact that YouTube & social media events have desensitized my outlook on fame. I was really excited to see how the main show is produced in a live format, because most people only get to see what’s shown on their screen.

Interestingly, I learned that a big aspect of award shows are seat fillers! Basically, whenever an invited attendee or their guest (like Chris Brunton, or myself, respectively) gets up from their seat, the award show organizers will have a fan attendee fill their seat while vacant. So if an invited guest wins an award, there isn’t a bunch of empty seats beside them — genius! Anywho, there were lots of industry practices that I learned, but won’t bore you with!

Once we finished up at the Juno Awards, we attended one of their after parties, which was an incredible way for me to network with industry leaders in the entertainment space. Canada’s entertainment industry is quite small, so it’s really important that I get out of my comfort zone and take part in events that can help me learn & grow in my career.

Chris Brunton, Jann Arden, myself, & Zoie Palmer at the Universal Music Canada party.

Producing my style inspiration videos

As a lot of you probably know by now, I’ve been producing weekly style inspiration videos on Instagram! I was inspired to create a style video series because I was seeing the same male fashions everywhere — dark blue, brown, black. Those are cute colours and shades, but give me some variety PLEASE.

I wanted to create a series that would inspire guys to dress outside of their comfort zone, and integrate more colour into their daily fashions. At this point, I’ve produced six style inspiration videos in the last four weeks, which feels like a great accomplishment.

I have to give a well-earned shout-out to my partner, Chris, who installed the seamless paper backdrop into our apartment, and always helps me shoot.

Now that I’ve produced a handful of videos using the colourful backdrops, I’m ready to mix things up! Firstly, I’m planning to collaborate with fellow Canadian creators to create a duo-style inspiration video. I think it’ll be great to see how women + men with body types different to mine show-off their personal style. Secondly, I’m going to start shooting these videos in different locations, like while I travel! I’ll be heading on a travel assignment at the end of the month, so look forward to a travel-focused style video in early May.

Celebrating my 25th ~champagne~ birthday!

April 25th marked my champagne birthday, which is essentially when your age matches the day you were born. Growing up, champagne birthdays were sort of a big deal if you were born in the middle of the month (the birthday parties were always bigger). Since mine wasn’t until I turned 25, I’ve had to be patient!


Y’know, I feel like I’m leaving a huge stage of my life behind. I’m sure a lot of you peeps can relate, seeing how over half my audience is above the age of 25! It feels like I’ve entered the next stage of my adult life, figuring out where I belong in the world and trying to make a living while I’m at it.

Chris and I — super-duper last minute — decided to shoot a silly ‘lil birthday video for my Instagram page, which you may have already seen. Long story short, I got cake & champagne thrown at me to the tune of Rihanna’s Birthday Cake. It was such a fun experience to film, because I rented a Sony RX10 which shoots slow-motion video (240fps, 480 fps, & 960 fps). We were able to capture really cool action shots, such as popping streamers and a bottle of sparkling wine! Shooting the birthday video was just a fun way for me to say goodbye to my youth & hello to an adulthood that I have yet to define.

Mikey’s Favourite Things for April!


Author Daniel Errico wrote an incredible children’s book, The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived, which follows a brave young knight who must save his new love (a prince!). It’s such a cute story with beautiful illustrations by Shiloh Penfield, and it’s a must-have for children in 2019. AND! The story was made into a Hulu digital series with a star-studded cast. LGBTQ+ representation in 2019 just got a lot better!


I’ve been obsessed with this Hermosa Beach Mock-Neck from Parke and Ronen! It’s the perfect spring addition to your closet, as the knitted fabric keeps you warm in chilly weather & gives your look a big POP of colour. While the piece is a bit pricey ($155), the quality of the fabric and uniqueness of the style makes it sooo worth it (#TREATYOSELF).


I’ve also been equally as obsessed with this Recycled Poly Coach Jacket from Frank And Oak. First off, it’s really hard to find bright red items of clothing that aren’t overwhelming for an outfit. I love that the jacket is thin & light, which adds the perfect pop of colour to my day-to-day fashion. The jacket is $129 CAD, but I happened to get it 40% off when I went into Frank And Oak’s Ottawa location.


Need a spring jacket that’s a bit more cost-efficient? Check out Old Navy‘s Water-Resistant Poplin Hooded Anorak (basically it’s a cute yellow jacket), because it’s currently on sale for $42!

That’s all for my April adventures! See ya next month!


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