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How to Create A Colourful Instagram Feed (and why you should!)

HELLO WORLD. I’ve always been a very colourful person, both figuratively and literally. I was that drama kid in high school who wore the brightest colours, skinniest jeans, and most florescent shoes (and I slayed all of them!). It’s weird to look back at your younger self and realize how similar you still are. While I […]

Why Instagram “pods” are a waste of everyone’s time

Last week, I published a blog titled “Why it’s important to talk about fake social media followers…” –  and a lot of you really enjoyed my insight into the topic, being a recent grad in Communication Studies. I thought I’d write about a similar issue that’s been a hot topic on Instagram over the last year: […]

Why it’s important to talk about fake social media followers

We need to have a chat about fake followers, and why they’ve been a negative addition to a positive social media landscape. While fake followers aren’t anything new, there’s recently been a flurry of conversations around it, as reported by the New York Times and the BBC. Super briefly, here’s an explanation of the different ways people […]